Title: Wack Sound! v1.2
Filename: sounds/wacksnd.zip
Size: 192.13 KB
Date: 04/16/95
Author: Geoff & Jawed

Voices by Geoff. Compiled by Jawed.
Description: This PWAD changes many DOOM2 sounds. Monster sounds changed:

- FORMER HUMANS - SPECTRES - BARONS OF HELL - FORMER HUMAN SERGEANTS - IMPS - DEMONS - 'Human' sounds: death-scream.... and many more.
Credits: Habib for letting us use his name.
Build time: About 4-6 hours
Editor(s) used: NWT, GoldWave for Windows, Windat.
Bugs: none
Rating: (1 vote)
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I don't want voices only for my mods... This is disappointing. I wasn't laughing, I was like "I can't play anymore sounds!" I understand you were trying to make wacky sounds, but those from a cartoon or something would have worked. And then, there's the lowest form -- ripping from other WADs, which I'm doing now... --MechWarrior Jake Prydex

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