Title: Young Guns
Filename: sounds/yng-guns.zip
Size: 599.27 KB
Date: 03/05/95
Author: Jay_P
Description: A sound patch for Doom2 containing sound bytes from Young Guns and Young Guns 2. Not much justice was done to Young Guns 2. Bon Jovi Fans please read the note at the end. Enjoy.
Credits: Deu, Nwt, ade2 .. etc..
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Rating: (5 votes)
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Well, there have been a crapload of Bon Jovi MIDIs made since this was released, so I suppose he got his wish. "before hitting the enter key place your right hand on the monitor screen and say Doom-me while simultaneously pressing the enter key. Should work." - LOL, that alone warrants a star.x
sounds are greatx
"Not much justice was done to Young Guns 2" - No. No it wasn't.x
This is one of those stupid sound patches from back in the very early days of Doom modding, back when ripping sound clips from somewhere and sticking them in Doom was new and cool. Of course the sounds have nothing to do with Doom, and this will probably drive you nuts within five minutes. 1/5 --Wooliex

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