Title: zsound.wad
Filename: sounds/zsound2.zip
Size: 565.04 KB
Date: 06/02/01
Author: Zach Anderson
Description: some new sounds plasma gun, item pickup, pain, and death spider death, and many, many more READ THIS BEFORE USING there is new music on every level I have tried to include a varity I am 14 years old which means that whatever I have created was easy to create actually I'm just showing off to make you feel stupid. It was hard and time consuming. good song=a song that does not have a name but is good.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: alot
Editor(s) used: DMMUSIC, DMAUD, MIDI2MUS
Bugs: none.
Rating: (9 votes)
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I did not like the sounds of the items are much exaggeration! And the sound of love when you get moved to voice.x
Music choice is OK, with some really out of place choices such as the wedding theme on E3M5. The sounds in this are really terrible and can get on your nerves easily such as the player pain, plasma gun and imp action noise which brings down the score drastically. 2/5 -Mr. Chrisx
Don't really like the assortment of sounds (not the music). x
5 stars! Hard on! *****x
For a 14YO (at the time of release), its not bad. I'm laughing my butt off here with the CYBSIT sound... how fitting. But there are other sounds (PLASMA, for instance) that did not fit AT ALL. I still respect how you got them. You get 3 stars. --MechWarrior Jake Prydex

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