Title: Boomlightgen source code
Filename: source/blightgensrc.zip
Size: 265.75 KB
Date: 12/28/21
Author: cybermind (aka Mistranger). Uploaded with permission by Rick ''Red'' Commandeur.
Description: This is the source code release of Boomlightgen, a tool to create a day/night cycle in Boom using a generated WadC script, as seen in the map The Last Sanctuary. It ''computes'' a changing light cycle through linedefs/sidedefs using this script.
Credits: Cybermind (For The Last Sanctuary and Boomlightgen source code), Wouter ''Aardappel'' van Oortmerssen (WadC creator), Jon ''Teppic'' Dowland (WadC maintainer), Rick ''Red'' Commandeur (Uploader), www.DoomWorld.com for hosting
Base: WadC
Build time: Unknown
Editor(s) used: CodeLite IDE, WadC
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