Title: Doom for WindowsCE source code
Filename: source/doomce.zip
Size: 426.61 KB
Date: 05/28/99
Author: Bruce Lewis
Description: This is the source code for the WindowsCE version of Doom. It also includes the source for a program to split the Doom1.wad file (the only one DoomCE was tested with due to space considerations) into five pieces for loading on the CE machine.

I do not have the binaries available (nor any way to check them, now if I rebuilt them).

There is a way to build this project which is for Visual C++ 5.0 (SP3 with the WindowsCE toolkit) for Intel Win32 so that program modifications can be tested on a Windows95 system (rather than in the Win32 emulator on NT).

The sound code works fine on Win32 but does not sound right on CE.

Also some CE machines use direct color where others use paletted color.

This code also can make use of direct frame buffer access which works relatively well on direct color machines but I have not been able to make work on machines that use paletted color (like HP-620LX).

Also bear in mind the OS interface on CE is totally Unicode and that the Ansi 'C' libraries are not all there. The CE 'C' toolkit is only about 10% POSIX 1.1 compliant as well.
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