Title: Doom source code, under the GNU GPL
Filename: source/doomsrc.zip
Size: 369.21 KB
Date: 09/05/06
Author: id Software
Description: This is a copy of the source code for DOOM's executable, v1.10 (public release version). This source code was initially released under the DOOM license in 1997, but then dual licensed (DOOM/GPL) in 1997 to encourage transparency in the development of ports and extensions of the DOOM game engines. A copy of the source under the DOOM license may be obtained at id Software's FTP, or at one of its mirrors on /idgames in the /idstuff/source directory.
Credits: Everyone who's contributed to the understanding and development of the DOOM source code, and Bernd Kreimeier for preparing the source for release.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 1992-1997 (mostly 1992-1993)
Editor(s) used: ?
Bugs: More or less the bugs you find playing DOOM
Rating: (238 votes)
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