Title: The Eternity Engine Version: 3.31.10
Filename: source/ee33110w.zip
Size: 1.1 MB
Date: 01/19/05
Author: James "Quasar" Haley and Steven "SoM" McGranahan
Description: Eternity is the newest source port to inherit the banner of BOOM. Descended from MBF, it attempts to carry on the effort to put editability, reliability, and compatibility first. From SMMU it also gains the momentum to give the player new options rather than to dictate DOOM purity.

Eternity includes full BOOM compatibility, as well as most features added in MBF and SMMU. In addition, Eternity adds many more. Check out the extensive documentation package for full information.
Base: SMMU - "Smack My Marine Up" by Simon "fraggle" Howard
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Excellent work by Quasar and co.x

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