Title: FraggleScript standalone source code
Filename: source/fscript.zip
Size: 35.66 KB
Date: 04/07/07
Author: Simon Howard
Description: This is the original FraggleScript source that I found on my hard drive. I originally developed it separately; it was later integrated into SMMU. This may be useful to anyone who wants a standalone version of FraggleScript.

Various features found inside Doom are missing here; for example, there is no "separate script" capability. Features that are missing were added to the language after its integration into Doom. If needed they will have to be backported.

I have made some minor fixes to this to make it compile under modern gcc. More information is found inside origdoc.txt
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This is potentially useful to some people and does no harm to anyone, so I'll give it 4 stars. What the previous person could hate about it so much to give it 0, I can't imagine.x

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