Title: Russian DOOM
Filename: source/rus-doom.zip
Size: 2.91 MB
Date: 09/22/16
Author: Julian Nechaevsky
Description: My first translation attempt was in 2001. Back then I was a teen with out much knowledge, and overall quality of translation of original DOS executable was not very good. But we with my colleague, Sergey "Disctrich" Ivanov was the first who figured out how to do this.

15 years have passed, a lot of experience gained, both technical and informational, and only one question appears: "What if I apply all my current knowledge and redone that project from long time gone youth from scratch?".

Chocolate Doom as code base was chooses because of it is one only modern source port with interpretation of original DOS executable, that good old game.

Simon Howard, author of Chocolate Doom kindly accepts my request to work with his code, and two and a half months of hard work with code, graphics, design, translation and information searching was started.

As result - all ingame content was fully translated, and I think I have done it well. :)
Credits: • Simon Howard for creating amazing source-port and letting me work it's code. Simon, thank you very much! You are true Hacker and Master of Code! • Manul12 for creating most interesting Russian text translations. Many of them was used as a base for my translations. • Authors of Russian Wikipedia pages about DOOM. • Sergey “Districh” Ivanov. My colleague in translation affairs in our long time gone youth. • My friends: Maxim "MaxLeon" Pyanov, Oleg Zik and Oleg "Kai" Sudarikov, for overall moral support and translation help.
Base: Based on source-port Chocolate Doom 2.2.1, and distributed with permission of Simon Howard, who is author of original Chocolate Doom.
Build time: Two and a half months.
Editor(s) used: Code::Blocks 16.01 Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Slade various translation and programming Web resources..
Bugs: Some rare error messages of original Chocolate Doom still are untranslated. Anyway, all original ingame content is 100% translated.
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Some grammar errors there and there, but otherwise it's pretty cool and looks professional.x

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