Title: Hager
Filename: themes/DAC/dac2005/dac17.zip
Size: 36.32 KB
Date: 01/21/06
Author: ravage
Description: My contribution to Doom Advent Calendar
Base: New from scratch
Build time: two hours. it originally started out as a speedmap
Editor(s) used: doombuilder
Bugs: no
Rating: (5 votes)
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A bit on the rough side (architectually), but this map has some action going on it, so it can be fun while not very challenging. The only true glitch would be the medusa effect in the nukage area (now you have Chocolate Doom to test these things.)x
Bon et beau tableau juste assez dur que j'ai repris 3 fois et fait en 12:11 a UVFast - 4/5 - Eye'sx
Good E1 style map, enjoy!x

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