Title: Courtyards from hell
Filename: themes/DAC/dac2005/dac18.zip
Size: 85.55 KB
Date: 01/21/06
Author: doom2day
Description: It is a level with several courtyards based on woodmet.wad It is harder and it is recomended that you find the secrets. Coop was not tested...
Credits: Torn, for the Doom Advent Calendar
Base: Modified
Build time: About 2-3 hours of modification.
Editor(s) used: Doombuilder
Rating: (4 votes)
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Fait en dix vies - 4/5 - Eye'sx
Tough: progessive nature and defensive monster positioning. A bit unpredictable: nasty archies and some teleports (can leave you in awkward positions.) Layout/texturing: decent, not for sight-seers, yet most players should find it replayable. Cool quirks: how you get the chaingun early (works often) and how the 2nd cyb enters, and the fight against it. Drawback: placement of some monsters can make "max" games longer, with certain bits not as hot as the rest. One of the more fun maps of the DACs yet.x
Dissapointing. A bit ugly and repetitious. Not as bad as the next one, though, and I'll give it a 3.x

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