Title: Speed Villa
Filename: themes/DAC/dac2005/dac19.zip
Size: 34.43 KB
Date: 01/21/06
Author: RjY
Description: map02 was made in 100 minutes. map01 has, uh, something I wanted to put in but didn't have time, so I said "I hereby change the rules, we're having two hours" and added it. Later I made some demos and decided to wrap it up for a thread on Doomworld's demos forum.
Credits: My friend whose idea it was to do speedmapping :) (the theme was "you start outside a roman villa with an atrium")
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 100 minutes + 20 minutes + an hour for the demos
Editor(s) used: yadex, deutex
Bugs: texture alignments, it was a speedmap after all. May get visplane overflows in doom2.exe
Rating: (7 votes)
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Somewhat easy/simple, but fun for a bit of excercise; the many columns are the reason it's for an "enhanced" engine (it doesn't need Boom... the specifications on T/nC for the DAC week are off in many cases) instead of plain "vanilla". Nothing great, but nothing to bitch and moan about.x
C'est beau mais moyen et un peu facile - 3/5 - Eye'sx
The reason why this got into the calendar was because I missed about 6maps in the end of the project and he gave me the right to use it. And as the first person said, it is not the worst map in the serie (imo)x
It's OK in itself, and quite fun, with good replayability - try Tyson if you want a challenge. Certainly not the worst in the series. In answer to the question above, someone who doesn't want a gap in their advent calendar, I suppose.x
The worst map of the series. Tiny and bland. Who in the world wants to make a speedmap randomly part of an overall great series?x

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