Title: 31
Filename: themes/DAC/dac2005/dac2.zip
Size: 107.73 KB
Date: 01/21/06
Author: Brandon "POTGIESSER" Potgiesser :brandon_pgie0@yahoo.ca
Description: Map submitted for Doom Calendar project
Base: - New level from scratch.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: - DoomBuilder, WadAuthor
Rating: (8 votes)
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not bad i guess, decent detail but scarce health and ammo, at times i would be killing hordes of demons with my pistol. still overall decent mad 3/5 nightmare22 the deathmatcher on zdaemon nobody cares aboutx
There's a fun demo by Gusta: http://www.doomworld .com/vb/attachment.p hp?postid=716092 tyson:4:54. Entertaining map but nothing special. coldfusiox
Fait en 9 vies en 11:09 a UVFast 100%kills 4/5 - Eye'sx
This map is alright for a short map; the relatively scarce healing makes it tight, but not too tough as there aren't loads of monsters (a good amount for the size but not many.) The architecture is a bit "jaggy" and there are slight texture issues with some engines (I guess it was tested mostly with ZDoom) but nothing really problematic.x
Slightly short, but otherwise a great map and a good challenge.x

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