Title: Reclamation
Filename: themes/TeamTNT/reclamation/tntrecl.zip
Size: 2.37 MB
Date: 02/27/99
Description: Reclamation is the fourth set of 32 DOOM II Deathmatch-only levels from TeamTNT. It is now available on ftp.cdrom.com and its mirrors. See below for the exact path.

TeamTNT strikes again with yet another 32 levels of all-Deathmatch frag mayhem. Reclamation follows in the footsteps of the popular TeamTNT sets "Bloodlands", "Grievance" and "Pursuit". There's lots of interesting architecture, impeccable texture alignment and play balance, and this time around they've been made with Boom-specific features. Some are visual features, but all levels have some special gameplay features that aren't possible with normal DOOM2. Just when you thought you knew how to play Deathmatch, someone adds some more twists. As before, most of the levels are tight fragfests, a couple that are big enough for a more leisurely pace, and lots of selection in between.
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This is as newschool as it gets for a wad from the 90's. Great DM turf, interesting and unique effects.. Download it and frag your friends!x
It's pretty good, even though the maps are small. Ideal for duels though.x
Yep, worth the download.x
holy shit, this wad fucken rules! even though the maps are really small, it is pretty good for a 2-3-4 players ffa, detail is pretty well done and there are some nice ideas on maps! i would have liked more variety on music (there are only 3 songs iirc), but overall this is something every deathmatch fan should own. try it now, there is some kickass stuff here! 4/5x

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