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One of the Artifact levels...Date:10/09/99
Size:601.17 KB
Author:Paul Schmitz

The Artifact
One of the Artifact levels...Date:10/09/99
Size:640.14 KB
Author:Paul Schmitz

Bah DM #1
5-level set, made for 2-player DM....Date:12/24/99
Size:168.58 KB
Author:Stian Skjøndal (zsignal)

Size:2.65 MB
Author:Samuel A. Villarreal

Size:4.86 MB
Author:Samuel A. Villarreal

An introductory level. Was going to be the first level when The Return was planned to release with levels...Date:10/09/99
Size:202.72 KB
Author:Ty Halderman

Mars Base: 1 (Unfinished)
This was going to be my intro to the DTNC world. However, my time is increasing being devoted to writing so I have decided to release this as it is in the hopes that someone will finish it. All the scripts are in the wad under the Scripts lumps as we...Date:09/09/00
Size:366.64 KB
Author:Rick Clark

Phouse: "The house of portals"
To start the wad, type: Boom -file phthp.wad -deh phthp.deh Phthp is a 9 level single player only doom2 wad, inspired by the great game, Realms of the haunting. I've tried to recreate a creepy experience like in this game (especially in the house)....Date:08/31/00
Size:1.33 MB
Author:Wim Vanrie

The Return
So what is "The Return"? It's several things, but it's mostly a set of resources from the folks who brought you Eternal DOOM and the BOOM engine. In addition there will be levels from a variety of people, and you can be one of those yourself...Date:10/09/99
Size:3.64 MB

River Dead
One of the Artifact levels...Date:10/09/99
Size:722.71 KB
Author:Paul Schmitz

For Dear Life
Long hallway that suddenly opens up into 2 big arenas, with ledges and halls that lead to more trouble... You will have to fight "for dear life"....Date:03/26/00
Size:53.09 KB
Author:Matt "Mista T." Tropiano

Bloody Base
A big map. Some puzzles, lots of fighting. Tons of strategy required....Date:03/31/00
Size:93.77 KB
Author:Matt "Mista T." Tropiano

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