Title: Phouse: "The house of portals"
Filename: themes/TeamTNT/return/phthp.zip
Size: 1.33 MB
Date: 08/31/00
Author: Wim Vanrie
Description: To start the wad, type: Boom -file phthp.wad -deh phthp.deh

Phthp is a 9 level single player only doom2 wad, inspired by the great game, Realms of the haunting. I've tried to recreate a creepy experience like in this game (especially in the house). I hope i've succeeded. You will need a Boom compatible engine to play it. Any comments are welcome, just mail me. In every level (except the last) there's one secret. If you don't find the portals or the secrets, just read phhint.txt file.


The first level plays in the house of portals. Here you come accross two key doors, but the keys aren't in the first level. The yellow key is in the second level. You have to find the hidden portal to that level (the world Homophobia)and recover the yellow key there. In level three, you're back in the house, with the yel- low key, wich you can use to open the yellow door. Then you must find the next portal to level four (the world Demoka).

Credits: The persons that created these programs: - DCK - Wintex - Deep 97 - NWT - RMB - Dehacked - BSP Mattrim to encourage me to continue Chief and SirRobin for reviewing the pre-release. The authors of many megawads who did inspire me. The artists of the return for there nice textures. The programmers of the doom ports. And of course, ID for creating this still wonderfull game.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: around 15 months (with ons and offs)
Editor(s) used: Dck 3.63, Nwt, Wintex, BSP, RMB, Deep, Dehacked
Bugs: Mbf gives an error (Demo1 not found) if you wait to long to start the game
Rating: (11 votes)
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Getsu Fune
pretty coolx
Very nice. The only thing I can complain about is the "jump scaring" ambushing monsters. It's kinda neat how the wad has a hub map without actually having a hub map. (It's the same map repeated with some alterations) I also like the secrets. Some are pretty clever, though difficult to figure out. --Zellonousx
Not so impressive now, but this was one of my favorite wads in the turn of the millenium.x
When you think that he was 14 when he made it... Woah, it's a pretty darn good pwad!!! Jivex

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