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Aliens Doom 3 (beta 7) Fix .zip file
Unzip the contents of this .zip into your Aliens Doom 3 directory. These three .bat files have been fixed for errors that prevented successful installation and running of the Aliens Doom 3: Aliens vs Predator beta version 0.7. A fresh install...Date:08/07/96
Size:2.93 KB
Author:Mike Gummelt

Aliens Doom 3: Aliens vs Predator
Aliens Doom 3 is the most ambitious Doom conversion ever, the MOST Total Conversion ever attempted....Date:03/24/96
Size:3.63 MB
Author:Michael Gummelt
This wad is based on the aliens compound where the marines got their asses kicked... Will the same happen to you? There are several secrets including traps so be careful where you go and what you shoot at....Date:03/12/96
Size:2.74 MB
Author:Travis Henson Micheal Gummelt's Aliensdm team (with their permission)

ALIENS DOOM 3: Aliens vs. Predator Screenshot collection #9: "Predators"
Here is a collection of 4 screenshots from Aliens Doom 3. The new additions are two types of predators, replacing the large alien that shot tracking spitballs at you (that never made sense to me anyway). The first type of predator has green/brow...Date:11/01/95
Size:86.15 KB
Author:Michael Gummelt

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