Title: AlienCnd.zip
Filename: themes/aliens/aliendm3/aliencnd.zip
Size: 2.74 MB
Date: 03/12/96
Author: Travis Henson Micheal Gummelt's Aliensdm team (with their permission)
Description: This wad is based on the aliens compound where the marines got their asses kicked... Will the same happen to you? There are several secrets including traps so be careful where you go and what you shoot at.
Credits: Id Software Micheal Gummelt and his aliensdm team for their graphics and sounds. (sorry I lost the list with all your names but my thanks)
Base: New level from scratch except for graphics and sounds
Build time: Three weeks on and off again
Editor(s) used: Dmcad6.1, Wintex 4.1, Deusf 1.1
Bugs: I haven't put in the queen graphic so for right now it is the queen spider. Hopefully someone can help me out in making a queen for this wad.
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