Title: Aliens X
Filename: themes/aliens/aliens-x.zip
Size: 2.07 MB
Date: 01/01/97
Author: Just call me Mr Pink
Description: This PWAD contains 27 new levels, graphics, sounds, sprites etc....based on the Aliens movies
Credits: iD Software, of course, for making such a great game! Olivier Montanuy, for making Deusf/Deutex, such incredible tools!
Base: Originally this was all done by some other person, so i cannot and DO NOT!!!! claim credit for this. I just made a few changes, deleted some unneeded stuff and re-done it.
Build time: Cant say, but judging by the quality, it must have been FOREVER!!!!!
Editor(s) used: Paint Shop Pro v 3.0 Deusf/Deutex v 3.6
Bugs: Well, none that I could find, but I hope there arent any, because I aint too good in that area!
Rating: (13 votes)
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hey it's a good old classic compilation wad. 3.9 out of 5x
2 stars for the effort. I saw a few familiar maps.x
This is a megawad that replaces all the Doom levels - with lots of awful new sounds, mostly, and some awful new graphics. As the author points out, the actual levels are all nicked from elsewhere, but with the new sounds and graphics crowbarred in. I recognised a few of the maps (e.g. E3M9 is id=294, which I played yesterday); you'd be much better off just going through the levels/doom directory, playing the four and five-star maps than bothering with this.x
To the person that rated this a 0/5 ... You probably do not x
not too bad, but the game crashed on level 2. Just as I hit the switch to end the level, it crashed. Another thing is why do you have Imperial Scout droids from Star Wars Empire Strikes Back as the Cacodemon? What about maybe using the dropship from Aliens?x
Slight correction: Known bugs: all of them. Missaligned, misspegged and totally missused textures, non hurting slime, one episode name only despite of 27 maps, part of maps only consist of secret sectors, suddenly I found me in a map apparently designed for deathmatch only, as there are no items but a few weapons and some decorations, etc. The list has no end. It looks like a bunch of ripped resources just thrown together regardles if they really fit. Get hands off this one! Grab atcud19.zip instead! 0/5x

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