Title: aliens2.zip
Filename: themes/aliens/aliens2.zip
Size: 890.84 KB
Date: 06/17/95
Author: Zac Filan
Description: This patch replaces 3 characters (ZOMBIEMAN, IMP, SHOTGUN GUY) with aliens and sounds from the movie.

The aliens were created by revolving my roomates great model of an alien in front of a camera attached to a computer at the University of Central Florida.

Results: The best (realistic) alien patch I've ever seen (to be modest).

There are lots of sounds from the R-rated movie so if you offend easily be warned. (But if you like Doom, I doubt you are very sensative.) Anyway, you can just edit the aliens.bat file to remove the sound wad aliensnd.wad if it bugs you.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: NEOPAINT <- Great bitmap editer.
NWT <- The only wad tool I could figure out quick.
DEUSF <- To build a complete runable wadfile.
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