Title: ALIENS: The Total Conversion
Filename: themes/aliens/alientc2.zip
Size: 906.67 KB
Date: 11/03/94
Author: Justin Fisher
Build time:
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Rating: (55 votes)
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The feeling and design weren't actually very bad back in the day - I tried to play this in 1996 :-p - . I wrote "tried to" because, like other pre-1.9 Sprite & DEH using TC's, it was very harsh on your Doom 2 installation (screwed everything up, hard to install/uninstall, bug-ridden). Not bad in any case, just very hard to use with anything short of vanilla Doom2.exe v1.666, take or leave. 3/5x
Greatest mod ever.x
This is a horrible wad! There is SOOOO many misaligned textures. If you have Doom 1.9, forget about loading the level, cuz the dehacked patch is not compatible with the doom version you have. Unless you can figure out how to load that crud without probs, chunck it out of your hard drive.x

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