Title: AL|ENS Total Conversion (Disk 1)
Filename: themes/aliens/alntc19a.zip
Size: 948.02 KB
Date: 04/27/95
Author: Justin Fisher
Description: LB4-26. The terra forming colony has stopped transmitting or responding. There is a possibility that this is the result of an unknown parasitic alien species. Against this possibility, a military force has been mobilised to investigate.

ALIENS-TC differs from DOOM in a few ways;

For starters, some standard DOOM tactics either don't work, or result in quick and messy death, don't approach this as another DOOM conversion, treat it like something new, pay attention, don't slip into Auto-kill-&-Collect mode and finish the game while thinking of other things, get immersed, look at the architecture, predict the layout and how it affects your plans etc.
Credits: Me - For doing all the hard work! (Nobody reads this bit anyway, so why not :-)
Richard Love - For creating level 9, (the secret level) and the textures peculiar to it.
Olivier Montanuy - For writing the ALIENS-TC install program, and writing DeuSF.
Cale McCallum - For fixing ALIENS-TC so it works with DOOM v1.9, and a couple of other misc. things (demos, sound, etc.).
Glenn Fisher - For writing the custom editors, and the ALIENTC.EXE file.
Darryn Pat - For the use of the Video Blaster (to scan the queen model).
Darryn Yee - For supplying all sorts of things necessary for scanning a model, including his home :-)
Jordan Yee - For supplying the model alien queen to be scanned.
My 486 - For being so reliable, fast and having 24 bit graphics Vesa is an absolute _must_.
Morpheus - For sending me node builders, and giving me extra D/L time on his BBS.
IKON Attendants - For giving the beta a thorough play testing. (It's much better now) :-)
Id Software - Take a guess... a wild stab in the dark, you shouldn't miss at point blank.
Terry Pratchett - For giving DOOM exemption from the idea that VR should complement rather than replace reality.
The authors of all the editors, viewers, node builders, hacks, FAQ's, out there.
The many people who have aided by telling me where I could find various utilities, giving me new editors etc.
To anyone even remotely connected with this, who would like a mention. (That was it. Oh, you blinked?)
Me, Again...
Build time:
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: There are none. My work is flawless :-)
No, the effects of selecting weapon 7 under the ammo cheat is not a bug, it's me being nasty to people who cheat.

Alright, there are a few inconsistencies, most notably Apone and others giving advice when, in the movie analog, they wouldn't be present (or alive).

In E2M4, at the start where the aliens fall through the roof, some of them don't... When that happens, if you walk to close to them, you will run against them like an obstacle, and start taking damage as they merrily rake you. I can't figure out why they don't fall like the rest, so you're stuck with it. I suspect there are a few other minor bugs, but none spring to mind right now.

It's not really a bug, but the queen alien graphics are a bit of a mess. I have a good excuse. The queen graphics were made from video shots of a model, the problem was, I don't own any of the equipment necessary, which resulted in time and other constraints, the most destructive being the lack of light control (it wasn't in a studio), resulting in different light effects through different frames. I was able to compensate to a degree on the resulting images by converting them to 24 bit and using light filters, but the resulting queen is still very patchy and irregular.
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