Title: ALIENS The Total Conversion for Doom 2
Filename: themes/aliens/doom2atc.zip
Size: 2.01 MB
Date: 11/03/94
Author: Justin Fisher
Description: The installation program was written by Olivier Montanuy (author of DeuTex and DeuSF... two very fine Doom utilities) and has been modified to work with Doom 2 by Jason Mezzacca. You'll need about about 2.5 megs of extra disk space to install. The installation will *not* change your doom2.wad nor will it change doom2.exe so there will be no need to uninstall it to play Doom normally again. The levels used for the normal A-TC game are map11 through map18, and map31 as the secret level. Map01 and map02 were used for the two bonus levels. If there are any problems with the installation, you can contact me at 72510.3424@compuserve.com. Please, do not bother Justin or Olivier about it... if there's a problem, it's most likely my fault.
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