Title: ALIENS vs. Heretic
Filename: themes/aliens/halien2.zip
Size: 419.58 KB
Date: 03/22/97
Author: Alex Bobbs
Description: This WAD is basically a Heretic version of ALIENS-TC
Credits: Justin Fischer, who created ALIENS-TC
Base: The graphics, sounds, and levels(NOT the .exe patch) were all extracted from ALIENS-TC, and were then fed through conversion programs, edited manually, and reimplemeted.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Deutex, Wintex, TED, WinDEU, Paint Shop Pro ver 3.0
Bugs: The sky looks kind-of funny, and there is a door(level 5) and a lift(level 4) that sometimes play the sound effect but don't operate(type KITTY to pass through it, then KITTY again to return to normal game play.

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