Filename: themes/aliens/xenowar.zip
Size: 1.28 MB
Date: 07/12/99
Description: 2 levels Changes the Revenants to vicious Aliens previously seen in Xenomorf wad. Aliens now hurl face huggers at player. Aliens no longer float.
Credits: Id Software for Doom H.R. Giger for creating Aliens 20th Century Fox for the movies Dark Horse for the comics

None of the above have actully had part in the making of this file.

Rick Kautz for KEEN replacement sprites.
Base: I used a Queen Alien action figure as a model. No photographs or scanners were used. It was done pixel by pixel using
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Paint Shop Pro 3
Bugs: no
Rating: (4 votes)
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Pretty cool wad with kinda funny looking sprite edits, but they're not too bad. Worth a few minutes to check em out.x
Rockin' levels. They're short and fairly easy, but they must have been boss back in '99, and the pair are a cool mod. They're creative and the new sounds capture Aliens well. Great old finds; liking playing Mrs. Pac-Man again.-GreaZyshortsx
friggin sweet. 5/5 - Xolzox

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