Title: Pred2new.wad
Filename: themes/apt/pred2.zip
Size: 1.24 MB
Date: 11/27/95
Author: Eric Simon, Paul Alexander Key
Description: This is technically version 2.0 of our Predator 2 sound wad, as the never-released version 1.0 was just for Doom1 (or at least carried no D2-specific sounds). Replacement for almost all sounds is included - all creature and player sounds, and most weapon sounds. Most noticeable in the unreplaced category are all chainsaw sounds. If anybody has any ideas, feel free to send them along to the e-mail addresses below. We are currently working on version 2.1, which will offer improvements over this version, mainly in the arachnotron sounds.

My main comment about this wad is that it is *violent*! Profanity, guttural screams, and *loud* weapons abound. It is one of the rudest sound wads out there, and we're still trying to make it better.

Berserking was never this fun!
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