Title: Predator Sound FX
Filename: themes/apt/predator.zip
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Date: 07/10/94
Author: Dream Warrior, Time Traveler, "I don't want my handle on it."
Description: Ok, so here are the Predator sounds for Doom, tested with Doom v1.2. We wasted the better part of a night's rest to put them together. A few notes regarding some of the sounds in Predator:

The sound of the BFG is a spliced sound of the Predator's laser. It has two parts, three beeps and a whoosh. In the movie the beeps come after the whoosh but in the BFG, well, the beeps come first.

Many lines in the movie were "chopped" for clarity.
"I'll bleed you (2 second pause) real quiet."
"I'll bleed you real quiet." (no pause)

The chaingun sound was a total compromise. We would have loved to have used Blane's minigun, but when sampled and run with doom, instead of a chaingun it sounded like industrial machinery, no matter how many times we tried. So instead we settled for the sound of normal machine gun fire. In pistol mode it sounds terrible and even in chaingun we found the sound to be mediocre. But oh well. What can we say. T2.WAD and ALIENS2.WAD are two instances where the chaingun sounds good for different reasons. T2 just looped a single pistol shot. In ALIENS2 the compromise is that the pistol sounds cheesy while the chaingun sounds at least halfway decent. The same could not be said about Predator.

(Ultimately a gunshot from a Doom audio package was selected. Not my idea, but D.W.'s - T.T.)
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