Title: Predator & Prey (version 2) for Theme Patch v1.7 by Werner Spahl
Filename: themes/apt/thprey2.zip
Size: 149.28 KB
Date: 11/03/99
Author: Doom II version: Sparky of KISS Software kelm@eisa.net.au Doom I version (thprey.wad): Ian Merrithew
Description: Just like Dutch (Arnold Schwartzenegger) in the movie PREDATOR you're up against a formidable, semi-invisible enemy. Also like the movie, you've got a few of your buddies to help, but they don't have your skills and soon it will be just you against the Predators - that's right, there's more than one this time! But it gets worse .... there's also Aliens and Terminators (from their respective movies: Aliens and The Terminator) trying to stop you from achieving your main goal - rescue the hostage.

"Predator & Prey 2" (thprey2.wad) is a Doom II version of thprey.wad, designed to work with Theme Patch v1.7 by Werner Spahl. This version was not only converted, but many of the bugs have been removed, and new graphics have been added relevant to the Alien-Predator-Terminator (A.P.T.) theme - see below for changes.
Base: thprey.wad (Doom I) by Ian Merrithew which was based on illusory.wad by Brett Librandi.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: NWT, WinDeu, WinTex, Paint Shop Pro
Bugs: GENERAL- The texture selection, lighting, architecture, etc are not up to 1999 standards, but the game-play definately is! LEGACY - THPREY2.WAD will not work at all with Legacy v1.28 due to a bug with the m_doom Menu Logo. ZDOOM - Most Theme17 levels cannot be used with ZDoom because of some weird bugs with some of the monsters. THPREY2.WAD does not have this problem as the buggy monsters are not used. - the Menu Logo is badly distorted if the screen resolution ratio is not the same as Doom's original 320x200 (for example, 640x400).
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Sparky was much worse than Perseus because not only did he re-upload shit, he made changes to the shit and then took most of the credit for it. Case in point, this dreadful, microscopic remake of 1994's Dead Base that requires a patch you'll never fucking find, not even at id=7516. 0/5x

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