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Barney Version 2.1
I really didn't make many changes. I just added some commands to the .bat files. It now unzips all the Barney gifs in a dir called barn. It also deletes all files at end of execution so it won't leave stray files in your doom directory! (like...Date:07/13/94
Size:229.55 KB
Author:Robbie Teegarden

Barney Doom 3D version 2.0!
This is just a klutz patch for the above wonderful addition to DOOM. Three of the GIF files were bad so I just copied the non-haloed (sp?) version to that file name so it would run. Will work til the actual author gets his fix uploaded. I love it!...Date:06/04/94
Size:227.96 KB
Author:Mike Farquhar

Barney DOOM!
This will change the pink Demons in DOOM to Barney! Ray Traced Barneys...Date:11/13/04
Size:80.73 KB
Author:Jody Melanson

Here's a variation off of David Lobser's 3-D Barney add-on. I corrected color fading of his original Barney (althoug I think he already did that in 2.0) and modified the graphics to make his walk a charming waddle. Much of the input came from...Date:06/11/94
Size:110.32 KB
Author:Adrian H. Hayes

Barney, Energiser Bunny, Pac DOOM
This is a bug correction to the GOD mode sprite is now fixed. You can cheat again!...Date:01/30/95
Size:336.59 KB
Author:Olivier Montanuy

Barney II: Barney On Earth
Barney was drawn using xpaint. He was not rendered using any ray tracing tools, also the author was working off a front only shot of the dino's mug, so he looks a little odd from the sides. He also looks slightly cartoonish....Date:07/06/94
Size:138.54 KB
Author:Alden Bates

This barney patch was designed by Alden Bates ( The original ray traced patch was by: David Lobser (But don't complain to him) Barney was drawn using xpaint. He was not rendered using any ray tracing tools, also t...Date:01/16/96
Size:196.68 KB
Author:Alden Bates

Barney DOOM!
At last! the TRUE EVIL genius behind DOOM is revealed to be... Barney! and his Sponge Minions!...Date:05/11/94
Size:146.45 KB
Author:Bill Neisius

Barney Doom v0.062
Although the version number is 0.062, this is only the third internet release, and so this is the third text file. This tells about some options for BARN.BAT, the reason for why its installed the way it is, the disclamer, and, the story....Date:01/17/97
Size:949.78 KB
Author:Justin Clairmont

Barney and Clinton Doom v1.0
This version replaces the barons with the lovable dinosaur - Barney! and replaces the floating orange heads with the head of our fearless leader President Bill Clinton! There is over a 100 sound and graphic files that you will turn your ...Date:07/13/94
Size:410.84 KB
Author:Robbie Teegarden

Barney 3D
Barney the Purple dinosaur (B'Harnee) replaces the Barons of Hell...Date:08/05/94
Size:170.76 KB
Author:Randy Chan

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