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Batman DOOM
Thank you for obtaining Batman DOOM. This is the complete version that replaces almost all the features you can find in DOOM2....Date:01/29/04
Size:5.52 MB
Author:ACE Team Software

Mac -> PC Batman Doom2 Demo Conversion v1.0
Thank you for obtaining Batman DOOM demo. This is only a part of the total version which will include much, much more stuff. Note that not every feature in the demo is definitive and minor changes will be done in the final version (like Batman'...Date:01/14/99
Size:2.58 MB
Author:ACE Team Software

Zeke's original Molotov Cocktail from Mac Batman Doom
The original Mac version of Batman Doom had an alternate effect for Zeke's Molotov Cocktail. Instead of the bottle spawning a single flame, it causes a multitude of flames to appear. This turns out to be a clever (ab)use of the Pain Elemental death c...Date:12/26/18
Size:1.59 KB
Author:David Aramant

Vanilla Batman Doom fix
It is possible to play Batman Doom using Vanilla Doom (doom2.exe). However, because of a bug in DOS dehacked, the weapons table becomes corrupted, making it impossible to switch weapons once the fist has been selected. This is a small dehacked patch ...Date:10/30/06
Size:1.53 KB
Author:Simon Howard

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