Title: Vanilla Batman Doom fix
Filename: themes/batman/vbatman.zip
Size: 1.53 KB
Date: 10/30/06
Author: Simon Howard
Description: It is possible to play Batman Doom using Vanilla Doom (doom2.exe). However, because of a bug in DOS dehacked, the weapons table becomes corrupted, making it impossible to switch weapons once the fist has been selected. This is a small dehacked patch which can be applied after batman.deh to fix the problem.

See inside vbatman.deh for a detailed explanation.
Credits: grazza, for reporting that Chocolate Doom did not emulate this behavior :-)
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Interesting and observant find (this DeHackEd glitch based bug). Thanks, fraggle. To the other guy: there is some SE version of Arctic Wolf "best used with Legacy" uploaded by someone last year (I kind of doubt it was Laz Rojas, though who knows), but its not even "specifically designed for Legacy", and the original from 2003 is certainly for any EXE.x
Sorry, this doesn't fix Arctic Wolf. While you're right and it also overwrites Frame 966, Arctic Wolf is specifically designed to be played under Doom Legacy, and has a whole bunch more problems that make running it in Vanilla difficult.x
Simple but excellent. Probably also useful for Arctic Wolf, which also edits Frame 966.x

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