Title: CHOOK DOOM v 2.3
Filename: themes/chook/chookv23.zip
Size: 226.29 KB
Date: 02/09/95
Author: Dave Biggs
Description: Imagine your wandering around hell or earth depending on Which DOOM ya wanna play with and all of a sudden a 6 foot tall chicken jumps out at you and starts throwing eggs at you. Then you whip out you Chook launcher and blow the sucker away. This Rather funny patch replaces imps with taller than usual chooks and replaces the rocket launcher with an awesome shouldermounted chook launcher. This patch was actually uploaded months ago but for some reason it never appeared on all all the sitez so here it id again

*** This version is to fix a mega bug in version 2.2 ***
Credits: All the usual guys, the ones who wrote DOOM (id of course), Dmgraph, DEU, DEUTEX, DEUSF Dmaud, and the guys whatever the latest doom site is
Base: All done from nothin....almost.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Dmgraph, Dmaud, DEU, DEUTEX, DEUSF,wacker, DMADDS, Deluxe Paint][, 3D Studio, Wingif, GWS for Windoze, WinDAT and Cooledit. Geez I didn't think there was that many :)
Bugs: None that I know of.
Rating: (4 votes)
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Fun early weapon replacement if you can get it to work correctly. Some of the enemy frames seem to be missing. 4/5x

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