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This is revision number 3 of the that originally came out. It replaces the IMPS like, with the same sounds. However, I touched up the graphics, cause they weren't right. Close though, and I"d like to that the original...Date:05/18/94
Size:197.27 KB
Author:Robert Kimmel

Deathmatch Daleks
Daleky.wad is a severe remixing of elements of the drwho.wad. This wad has new graphics and sounds to turn the player into one of the most imfamous of Doctor Who villians, the daleks. It's intended to be used for deathmatch, but is quite enjoyable to...Date:05/13/96
Size:256.7 KB

Dalek 3D DOOM
Replaces Imps with Daleks from Dr. Who...Date:08/15/94
Size:73.5 KB
Author:Randy Chan

Dr Who Doom2
Dr Who Doom2 consists of three new WAD files to be used with Doom2....Date:05/24/96
Size:1.71 MB
Author:Andrew Brockhouse
Here is a Dr Who sound collection taken mainly from the 30th Anniversary special. The only two sounds not from Dr Who are the pistol, taken from Captain Scarlet, and the Crikey sound which is taken from The Comic Strips Five go Mad in Dorset....Date:05/31/94
Size:724.74 KB
Author:Simon Jansen

Energia 1.01
20 maps on Skaro. Single player or Coop to steal the Daleks' new Time Disruptor; Deathmatch: Prevent your opponents from getting the Time Disruptor -- the last map ...Date:06/21/97
Size:1.13 MB

Deathmatch WAD set in the TARDIS...Date:12/06/95
Size:305.06 KB
Author:Andrew Brockhouse

Dr. Who Doom Version 2.5
Replace wall textures, sounds and music with stuff from Doctor Who. WHOWALL replaces the walls and doors with Dr. Who images. WHOMUS changes all of the music, and some of the sounds. Works well with one of the Dalek patches which are available....Date:08/02/95
Size:1021.75 KB
Author:Dave Connell

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