Title: Deathmatch Daleks
Filename: themes/drwho/daleky.zip
Size: 256.7 KB
Date: 05/13/96
Author: Benjamin
Description: Daleky.wad is a severe remixing of elements of the drwho.wad. This wad has new graphics and sounds to turn the player into one of the most imfamous of Doctor Who villians, the daleks. It's intended to be used for deathmatch, but is quite enjoyable to play single player. It is intended for DOOM II, and you will need to use DEUSF to merge all the sprites and sounds into it before playing it.
Credits: ID Software for finally giving PC owners what they secretly desired most but never wanted to admit to. A game that was more impressive than anything on the Amiga. (Only took EIGHT years for PC technology to finally catch up.) ;> Andrew Brockhouse - Creator of the Doctor Who wad to which a the dalek graphics originated from. Long live the new Doctor Who series, piloted May 14th, 1996 on Fox. Olivier Montanuy - For Wintex and DeUSF, which I used heavily to move the graphics and sounds in. Get Wintex or DeUSF so you can use this graphics and sound patch properly. The various authors of the Starwars.wad, of which the dalek's pistol gunstick and heavy was lifted, which probably was from Dark Forces originally. The Innocent Crew (TIC), whose sonic disruptor became the base for the Dalek Tazer. Get Obituary, perhaps the finest Doom2 augmentation since Aliens-TC.
Base: Chunks of DrWho.wad, fragments of Starwars.wad and Obtic.wad
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Wintex 4.2
Bugs: None really. :>
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Woah i played this mod in singleplayer and it's awesome just needs some new enemy's.x

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