Title: Hacx - IWAD release (v1.2)
Filename: themes/hacx/hacx12.zip
Size: 7.35 MB
Date: 10/10/10
Author: Banjo Software
Description: HACX is an action filled DOOM Engine game. The story is set in the near future, where you'll find yourself engrossed in an international blastfest. Wield weapons of mass destruction from China to Paris to combat a devilish artificial intelligence and its hordes of loyal fanatics. Can you handle it, hacker?

This release is a stand-alone IWAD that does not require DOOM II to run, and is compatible with many popular ports. Release also includes several minor map fixes since v1.1 (making levels fully co-op compatible) and other miscellaneous tweaks.

HACX.WAD can be run either as an IWAD with ZDoom and Eternity or as a PWAD alongside DOOM II using other ports like Chocolate Doom and PRBoom.
Credits: Xaser and Blzut3 for creating the v1.2 IWAD Nostromo for constant support & co-op testing Quasar for Eternity support Cage for widescreen-friendly Reznator sprites
Base: New from scratch
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Rating: (80 votes)
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