Filename: themes/hacx/hacxport.zip
Size: 81.16 KB
Date: 11/19/99
Author: Sparky of KISS Software
Description: Play HacX in high resolution with the following Source Ports: ZDoom, MBF, SMMU. (glLegacy, Legacy, Boom and PRboom can be used but requires a minor modification - see notes below).

HacX is a Total Conversion for Doom II created by Banjo Software. Check out the Shareware Version either at Banjo's Home Page (http://www.banjosoft.com) or from Walnut Creek and it's mirrors world-wide: (/pub/idgames/levels/hacx/hacxsw10.zip).

This wad works with the Shareware version of HacX but WILL NOT allow you to use the User Levels created for the Registered Version (as requested by Banjo Software).
Credits: id Software, Banjo software, Randy Heit (ZDoom author) Lee Killough (MBF author) Simon Howard 'Fraggle' (SMMU author)
Base: HacX exe, HacX alphabet graphics were used to create the new menu options for the Ports.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DeHackEd, Paint Shop Pro, NWT, WinTex
Bugs: There may be some 'cause I had to change an awful lot, but the only one's I've found are related to the Source Ports such as: Legacy - some opaque items are transparent - the Menu Logo is offset glLegacy - some items shouldn't have coronas (eg. broken lights) and others have them in the wrong place (eg. tall lamps which used to be shorter lamps). ZDoom - the demos have been disabled.

See the screen shot HACXPORT.JPG included with this distribution. It was created with glLegacy v1.29 beta 12 and shows both Legacy errors mentioned above.
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