Title: Marines
Filename: themes/marines/marines.zip
Size: 374.58 KB
Date: 04/21/97
Author: Mr Pink. But it was Seargent Daniel G. Snyder whom designed everything (sprites, sounds, level etc.)
Description: Fight the marines. NOTE: This is a re-do of MARINE1.ZIP, which was around 2.6 megs due to un-appended sprites from Doom II. This version has no illegal sprites and is much smaller, but there are NO changes apart from that.
Credits: Full, complete and absolute credit goes to Seargent Daniel G. Snyder, of the USMC. Thanks to Oliver Montanuy for DeuSF, and id Software for Doom.
Base: Files found in MARINE1.ZIP.
Build time: 30 minutes, including testing.
Editor(s) used: DeuSF 3.6, DeuTex 3.6
Bugs: Theres a slight HOM effect somewhere, but it doesnt affect gameplay.
Rating: (11 votes)
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On its own, this wad sucks ass. However, playing it along with the Real Guns Hardcore wad is AMAZING!x
Gee, for a wad endorsed by the military, there sure are a lot of copyright infringing Aliens sounds! Also, SS Nazis? An M16 that fires at 2000RPM and an auto-shotgun M60? SO REAL. 1/5x
Awful. The shotgun replacement freezes the game whenever you try to switch weapons. Overall, this is just crap.x
I recall playing a modified version of this years ago. It had 6 maps (which looked just as bad as the first) instead of just one and was called "cyberwar.wad". I can't find the link anymore though. Even for 1997 this wad is really bad. The only good thing is the replacement enemy soldier sprite. 2/5 --"Play Doom not war"-- T.V.x
This WAD is quite a legend. I even remember it appeared on CNN, as a version of it was actually used to train marines in combat simulations. Interestingly enough, there's nothing particularly special about the WAD. The DEH patch makes gameplay a bit more "realistic" I guess, and the hand grenade is cool, but overall ... meh. --3/5x

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