Title: Memento Mori 2 Deathmatch Teaser
Filename: themes/mm/mm2-tri.zip
Size: 16.04 KB
Date: 03/15/96
Author: Adam Windsor
Description: Sneak Preview of Memento Mori 2's Deathmatch opportunities!

Triage offers three very distinct Deathmatch experiences:

THE DUEL Skill Setting: 1 and 2 (use 1 -- double ammo) Recommended No. of Players: 2 Suggested Style: both Altdeath and Original Deathmatch are appropriate. The DUEL offers tactical deathmatch in either style -- normal shotguns and chainguns are the order of the day. There is some additional ammo, a little extra health, and a couple of chainsaws. A Berserk Pack is also available.

THE FRENZY Skill Setting: 3 Recommended No. of Players: 4 (3 MINIMUM) Suggested Style: only suitable for Altdeath The FRENZY is just that -- rockets only and plenty of them. Chaos with 4, fast with 3, this is NOT suitable for 2 player (just not a FRENZY with only two). A tiny amount of health and armour is around. There's also a Soul Sphere -- but you'll need to be brave to get it!

THE DEATHMATCH Skill Setting: 4 and 5 (use 5 -- double ammo) Recommended No. of Players: any Suggested Style: Original Deathmatch, but if you're an Altdeath diehard, that'll work fine, too. The DEATHMATCH is just that -- straight up DM, the way we're all familiar with. No health, no armour and no mercy. All weapons except the Plasma Rifle are there for you to use, but the BFG is a challenge to snare, particularly with 3 or 4 players.
Credits: The creators of DETH, ZENNODE, RMB, NWT iD, for DOOM and DOOM2 All my playtesters! Special thanks to Bill McClendon, for his comments and suggestions and .LMPs! :)
Base: New levels from scratch (of course!)
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DETH, NWT, ZENNODE, RMB
Bugs: none known .... e-mail if you find any.
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