Title: PacMan Doom
Filename: themes/pacman/pac10.zip
Size: 135.05 KB
Date: 10/18/96
Author: Josh Desrochers
Description: You start out playing what seems like a regular doom level. you grab a shotgun and rocket and jump on a teleporter pad. Wait a minute this isn't doom im in pac-man!!

Keep walking around the level and once you pass a certain point the passage to pacman will open! Good luck fighting him!
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Editor(s) used: win-tex, deu and windeu
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Okay, I'm a sucker for oldies like this. I hate to use the word 'cute', but that's what this is, give it a whirl. Funny that some of the files mistakenly say "last edited 1980". The author would now be 31, I wonder what he would think if he saw this now :)x
Lol killing pacman was funx

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