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A replacement level for E1M1 designed to be played either by itself or else in conjunction with other Simpsons PWADS (such as the Fuoco/Blauwkamp WAD)....Date:05/12/96
Size:47.52 KB
Author:me :-)

A replacement level for Map01 of Doom2 designed...Date:12/14/96
Size:52.35 KB
Author:me :-)

HOMER'S DOOM (version 2b). I had to call it version 2b because there's already a in the
A Partial Conversion for all versions of Doom/Doom2 based on The Simpsons TV show. Homer's Doom features: 2 new monsters, a new shotgun, new menu graphics and status bar (including Homer's face), and lots of new sounds from The Simpsons. The only c...Date:12/19/00
Size:520.91 KB
Author:Original version - Brad Version 2 Update - Sparky of KISS Software

HOMERS' DOOM - The PWAD version
Homers' Doom is a complete collection of Simpson sounds to replace the ones that come with Doom. Let's face it - if a moon base is infested with demonic monsters and needs cleaning up, Homer J. Simpson is the man to do it. In creating Homers...Date:11/03/94
Size:389.1 KB
Author:Dave Sawford and Andrew Gerrard

The OFFICIAL Cacodemon > Homer J. Simpson PWAD!
Yeah, yeah... I know. There are PLENTY of Simpsons patches out there. But back in May of '94, there existed only the excellent (original) Simpsons sound patch. This got me thinking... wouldn't it be neat to make a graphics patch that would...Date:03/03/95
Size:73.28 KB

New installation for Simpsons 2 for Doom2/Doom1
type "install" and the sprites will be appended to simp2spr.wad as well as the creation of a runnable simpsons.bat file for either Doom2 or Doom1 depending on which you have in the current directory. This installation uses new features of deutex a...Date:02/14/95
Size:2.64 MB
Author:Chuck Fuoco, Steve Blauwkamp
Here is a dehacked patch that corrects the sounds for "The Simpsons" wads ( It swaps sounds and makes it so the characters don't say eachother's lines....Date:05/15/00
Size:49.23 KB

Simpsons sprites and sounds replacements...Date:01/28/95
Size:1.41 MB
Author:"Spooky" Steve Blauwkamp & "Decapitated" Chuck Fuoco

Simpsons sprites and sounds replacements...Date:10/09/94
Size:1.25 MB
Author:"Spooky" Steve Blauwkamp & "Decapitated" Chuck Fuoco

HOMERDOOM2 revised version
This is HOMERDOOM2 revised version New installation, cleaner, safer, no need to uninstall, 3 separate PWAD instead of a bunch of .gif and .wav. This replaces and obsoletes TOONDOOM.ZIP and .TXT...Date:10/11/94
Size:514.61 KB
Author:Olivier Montanuy

the ULTIMATE SIMPSONS-DooM2: Hell in Springfield!!!
After playing this wad, I would imagine you'd be asking yourself one ques- tion... "Why?" Why the hell did I spend 2 weeks creating this elaborate modifi- cation of DooM2? Well, as a professional, award-winning commercial animator at a small but r...Date:04/10/02
Size:4.11 MB

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