Title: HOMER'S DOOM (version 2b). I had to call it version 2b because there's already a homerdm3.zip in the
Filename: themes/simpsons/homerd2b.zip
Size: 520.91 KB
Date: 12/19/00
Author: Original version - Brad Version 2 Update - Sparky of KISS Software
Description: A Partial Conversion for all versions of Doom/Doom2 based on The Simpsons TV show. Homer's Doom features: 2 new monsters, a new shotgun, new menu graphics and status bar (including Homer's face), and lots of new sounds from The Simpsons.

The only changes I made from the original Dmgraph/Dmaud patch are: - fixed a few graphics faults and sprite offsets. - added some missing animation frames for the Imp and the exploding TVs. - added blank graphic patches for Doom's Episode1 intermission screen. - copied sky1 to rsky1 for use with Doom2. - copied wimap0 to interpic also for use with Doom2. - modified some of the main menu option graphics (load/save game, episode/skill selection, etc).
Credits: In the previous text file from 1996 I thanked my fiance for her patience. She's now my wife, and I still thank her for her unending patience and love.
Base: homerdm2.zip by Brad (Dmgraph/Dmaud patch)
Build time: who knows?
Editor(s) used: WinTex, DeuTex, NWT, Dmgraph, Dmaud, PSpro
Bugs: Some of the items on the status bar look a bit offset from normal.
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