Title: HOMERS' DOOM - The PWAD version
Filename: themes/simpsons/homerdm3.zip
Size: 389.1 KB
Date: 11/03/94
Author: Dave Sawford and Andrew Gerrard
Description: Homers' Doom is a complete collection of Simpson sounds to replace the ones that come with Doom. Let's face it - if a moon base is infested with demonic monsters and needs cleaning up, Homer J. Simpson is the man to do it.

In creating Homers' Doom we made over 100 samples from about 80 different episodes, but only used 45 of them. This means that there were some classic quotes that are not used. We felt that it was better to use sounds and quotes that fitted the game rather than try to include all the characters.

Homers' Doom was created by two rabid Simpsons fans from Cambridge, England. We believe that Homer is God and we try to emulate him in everything we do. The tricky part is putting on 150 pounds and making all our hair fall out.
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