Title: The OFFICIAL Cacodemon > Homer J. Simpson PWAD!
Filename: themes/simpsons/homerhed.zip
Size: 73.28 KB
Date: 03/03/95
Author: PK
Description: Yeah, yeah... I know. There are PLENTY of Simpsons patches out there. But back in May of '94, there existed only the excellent (original) Simpsons sound patch. This got me thinking... wouldn't it be neat to make a graphics patch that would change a character in the game into a Simpsons character? This was later done (in much greater detail) by another party, but at the time I had a new idea. While perusing the banter on a local BBS message base, I saw someone say something about how cool it would be to be able to blast Homer's head in place of those $#%@ Cacodemons. The rest is history! (sorta)

Anyhow, this PWAD changes the Cacodemons in DOOM into yellow, stubbly, balding Homer Simpson heads, who spit donuts at you rather than the usual gas balls.
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You forgot to add the markers :Px
:P Only sound effect.x
You didn't put in where to specifically type in HOMERGO but i think it will be good once i get it running.x

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