Title: the ULTIMATE SIMPSONS-DooM2: Hell in Springfield!!!
Filename: themes/simpsons/ulsimpdm.zip
Size: 4.11 MB
Date: 04/10/02
Description: After playing this wad, I would imagine you'd be asking yourself one ques- tion... "Why?" Why the hell did I spend 2 weeks creating this elaborate modifi- cation of DooM2? Well, as a professional, award-winning commercial animator at a small but reputable studio in Dallas, I found myself with a lot of free time on my hands during a slow project season with very few clients. I was poking around AOL for some game demos I could download when I found the original SIMP- SONS DooM patch created by "Spooky" Steve Blauwkamp and "Decapitated" Chuck Fuoco. The .wav files they chose for the sounds were hilarious, except they ran so long that they'd all run together during game play, making them difficult to listen to. The artwork on the sprites was very creative, although somewhat primitive-looking with a limited number of animated frames per character. It was still pretty fun, but being such a discernable animator, I felt compelled to improve it for my own satisfaction. Besides, I did have a LOT of free time, as I said.

So, if the old DooM2 has become tiresome and dull, these wads will add a whole new look to those drab textures. The original design is almost unrecog- nizable in some places! Now if I can just figure out the level editor...
Build time: the better part of a month
Editor(s) used: Wintex 3.0, Autodesk Animator Pro, Wintex 4.0, Fractal Painter, 3-D Studio
Bugs: I haven't found any problems with the final yet, other than the asthetic discrepancies in the wall images not always blending together properly, and the one mismatched voice. When Marge/ArchVile is walking around, a wav file of Mayor Quimby is assigned to her. It was just so funny, I had to stick it in the game somewhere! By the way, I changed that demon's "flame attack" to something a bit different. I just hated the way the fire-effect completely abscured your vision.

Also, the Homer head in the status bar doesn't always properly match the amount of damage he's taken. I might've fixed it before I upload this, though.

The only other problem is the actual SIZE of the sprites. I drew them a bit larger than the originals so that the detail and facial expressions were clearly visible. This causes the player's perspective to appear slightly shorter, as if Homer had shrunk in the wash! It's a minor annoyance, but this also causes the Robo-Burns' missles to shoot out of his groin, rather than his chest. Oops! Well, I guess it's funnier that way.
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