Title: Deck01.wad
Filename: themes/startrek/deck01.zip
Size: 88.89 KB
Date: 02/19/99
Author: Ryan Polczer
Description: - A deathmatch on Deck01 of the Starship Enterprise NCC1701-D.

- This file is a "demo" of a larger wad that I made for Doom2 called "ncc1701.wad". Ncc1701.wad uses over 300 new bitmaps, 55 sound effects, and a dozen new level-maps to depict the look and feel of "Star Trek" (it is a 2.8Meg download...)

Since people are often reluctant to download such a large file without first knowing what they will be getting, I have prepared this "demo" to give users an idea of what my "total conversion" is all about.

- Actually, I had a lot that I wanted to show off in this "demo" wad; but in the end I thought it would be best to "think small" and to just reproduce ONE setting from the TV shows, that would be the most familiar to as many people as possible.

Since the bridge of the Enterprise-D was probably the most well-used set in all of Star Trek (it was certainly the most "photographed"), most people already know what it is supposed to look like. I thought that would make it a perfect choice for a "demo".
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Editor(s) used: WadAuthor and WinTex
Bugs: None
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Even if it's not totally accurate, this is an awesome replica!x

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