Title: STRTRK2
Filename: themes/startrek/strtrk-2.zip
Size: 1.71 MB
Date: 08/20/97
Author: Lubumbashi
Description: This level is meant to be an actual combat zone aboard the Enterprise NCC-1701D. Most Enterprise levels are either all-tour zone and no fighting, or vice-versa. This is both. I've included(and imported) some interesting weapons, including a lightsaber, pulse rifle, and and the Series 4 D-Atomizer from Men in Black.The level contains the Brigde, Battle Bridge, Engineering, 10-Forward, Sick Bay, Transporter Room, Crew Quarters, and the Shuttle bay (don't step outside!). Many Thanks To :Dave Humphrey, Claude Martins
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Bugs: None
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The data is packd in a way for these wads that results in glitches in every port i try. Opening the wads in a viewer reveals some garbled data. I was able to explore the map with the new textures though - The Enterprise in Doom is a great idea, and this is done well for it's age, but it gets repetitive and it feels too cramped.x

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