Title: Star Trek - Doom Invasion
Filename: themes/startrek/trkdom11.zip
Size: 498.07 KB
Date: 02/05/95
Author: Thomas Spaulding and Grant Jacobs
Credits: id for Doom, Bill Neisius (bill@solaria.hac.com) for
Base: New level from scratch. Started out as DoomI but later changed to Doom II for the greater use of monsters, weapons and graphics. Then due to a great amount of requests converted back to Doom I having to redraw the Warp nacelles and the end level over.
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Editor(s) used: See the addirional credits
Bugs: None that we found!
Rating: (6 votes)
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Horribly amateurish level. Awful map layout, quite poor new textures, void decoration, and hopeless ambiance. Gameplay consists of walking around through underpopulated corridors, not knowing where to go and what to do. Overall: 0.5 for the map + 0.5 for the effort = small 1*. Note: I accidentally found the BFG after 38 seconds... :facepalm:x
What can I say?x
This is a nostalgic trip back into the 1990s, when there was a 1-to-1 overlap between computer users, sci-fi fans, and Doom level designers. This is a large, open-plan map with ugly textures. It plays like one of those university / hotel levels, just a lot of corridors with rooms along the sides. The auto-opening doors are a pain to go through. It's a tedious experience that turned me off within a minute or so and never turned me on again.x

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