Filename: themes/starwars/dmstorm.zip
Size: 76.3 KB
Date: 07/31/99
Author: Ceejay
E-mail: C_eejay@hotmail.com
Description: Turns the player into a Storm Trooper from Star Wars:

Status Bar face is replaced
Player Sprite replaced

Sorry!, no sounds.

This is mostly intented for DeathMatch play, Have fun!
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Hmmm... i remeber this one now. I really don't know why i made this, i've never ever played DeathMatch and just for the record those sprites were not created by me, but by somebody who calls/called himself D.E.A.D.!!! It is a nice looking Stormtrooper if he only he didn't have the original Doom rifle or the same basic death scene of the Zombieman.x

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