Title: The Death Star
Filename: themes/starwars/starwar2.zip
Size: 299.6 KB
Date: 06/25/94
Author: Matt Falk
Description: The DEATH STAR!!! Based on blueprints of a set built for the movie and as well as information contained in the SW RPG. These are the first of many Star Wars levels I will do, and I will eventually replace these levels' textures with my own. Doors needing keys aren't marked by colors primarily because I wanted the levels to look as much like Death Star as possible. -----> If the game runs to slowly, just run an IMPORTANT!-----> easier setting to limit the number of -----> monsters (they slow down slower machines). This isn't as bad as it used to be now that I've used a reject compiler.

Level 1 includes the chasm Luke and Leia swang across, the elevators Luke, Han, and Chewie entered on their way to the detention level, and the large corridor with the blast doors. The blueprints covered 1/6 of the level, so I had to make up the rest.

Level 2 consists of the detention level, the trash copmactor, and the security station from the RPG. I copied some of the sections for deathmatch reasons.

HINT: follow Leia's technique on getting to the trash compactor
Credits: Lucasfilm LTD West End Games ID The makers of DEU, BSP, and REJECT
Base: E1M1 - Modified STARWAR1.WAD E1M2 - New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.2 GCC; BSP11x; REJECT10
Bugs: DO NOT SAVEGAME IN LEVEL 2! The number of vertices, objects, etc. overruns the savegame buffer. If you die, it's still possible to finish the level from scratch. Anyways, life in the Doom/Starwars world is supposed to be a bitch! :-)

Minor HOM at ends of tunnels in level 2; I trimmed as much detail as I could to bring this down, and didn't think the remaining HOM was bad enough to take out any more detail. Sorry!

If you find any others, please let me know.
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