Title: The Ultiamte STARWARS DOOM.
Filename: themes/starwars/starwars.zip
Size: 1.32 MB
Date: 09/05/95
Author: Matt Falk, Mike Caithness, David Biggs, Werner Spahl, Olivier Montanuy
Description: STAR WARS DOOM!!! Based on blueprints of sets built for the movie and as well as information contained in the SW RPG. These are four of Star Wars levels as well as new sounds and music and sprites to replace just about everything.
Credits: The guys at ID
Lucasfilm LTD
West End Games
Makers of DEU, DeuTEX and WinTEX, BSP, RMB, DMGRAPH.
Base: E1M1 - New level from scratch
E1M2 - New level from scratch
E1M3 - Modified STARWAR2.WAD
E1M4 - Modified STARWAR2.WAD
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.2 GCC; BSP12x; RMB 2.0; DMGRAPH DEUTEX 3.6, WinTEX.
Bugs: DO NOT SAVEGAME IN LEVELS 2 & 4! The large number of vertices, objects, etc. overruns the savegame buffer. If you die, it's still possible to finish the level from scratch. Anyways, life in the Doom/Starwars world is supposed to be a bitch! :-)
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The lightsaber is better in this than in STARDOOM, the slightly older version. This is a tad better, but less assets are replaced.x
replaced monsters, millions of doors, symetrical layout, bad item placement. It's a classic wad, but not good.x
More Doom than Star Wars. Why are imps and shotgun guys wandering around? The map design is good but the texturing doesn't stand up to inspection (in some cases being comically bad). Unfortunately gameplay is downright terrible. There's no variation in pacing and NO HEALTH except concentrated in one room that you may or may not stumble across. Combined with the non-linear layout, you spend a lot of time nursing 7% or 4% health. Sound fun? It isn't.x
I could not find that turbolift. x
One of the best TC I have seen. Darkest Hour is much better, but this reminds me more Dark Forces. 4.5/5x
Funny mispelling in the title :) The emulation is great, it almost feels like a Dark Forces work with all those stormtroopers and interrogators coming from everywhere. Imperial guards with Vader voices add to the mix. Even the guns are taken care of: no hitscan weapons. The bad: besides the fact the author didn't care replacing UACs and TEI TENGAs, there's poor care for balance. Every level has an excessive supply room. It gets 3/5 for this. ICx
Very good job. The stages are much like the movie!.-Raccoon Officer-x

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